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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what is hijab to you ?

where am i
where are u
where are all of us?

exciting trip, eyh ?


hr tu, masuk contest
travelling with novo boy motion sickness campaign

1st prize winner

3 days / 2 nights stay in


pergh .
bilik paling murah rm 650 satu malam kan.
mau x pengsan .

abah . mama . nyau .
jom pegi


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

parody . just about time

u know that everyone have a friend who make a parody video of sumthin rite ?
if they havent have one ,
sooner or later
they will .
not likes it a bad thing .

and its about time for someone from my acquaintance
did just that

he made this video
him lip-syncing to
alhamdulillah - by too phat & yassin
its for his assignment by the way

he posted it on facebook
since i cant find any embed code ,
i ' ll just give u guys the url link to his video .
but , i'm not sure whether non-friend dgn die bole tgk tak . .
korang try je la .

my first thought :
ohemgee ! is that really him ?

nak tau kenapa ?
x sangka la dia yang buat vid mcm parody gini .
dia classmate aku since form 2 sampai form 5
x de la kenal sgt2 pon
top scorer physic
prs tegar
serious almost all the time .
pengawas yg tegas
huih ! garang . takut kitorg .
and rase nye die mcm x suka pon geng kitorg yg bising and havoc cam gila & suka buat kacau .
heh . tu la luaran yg nmpk la .
i ' m not judging him by the way .
dont manipulate my words .

oke, bro imran [if u happen to read this]
atau sape2 yg baca post nih .
jgn salah phm plak aku buat post nih .
just making a point about parody video.

again .
i'm not saying as if its a bad thing .
the true fact is
making this sort of video is not easy
and it takes a lot of guts for someone to publish it .

as i have too
experimented making a parody video
but i havent have the guts yet
to publish it .

kudos to you bro .

Imran Omar

p / s : nice pro pic by the way.

cliche much ?

apa guna pelakon korporat
pada penonton hidup melarat

mengapa tayang cinta terhalang
bila rahmat tuhan tebar melayang

hantu sudah penat
tunggu manusia cari malaikat

Monday, March 28, 2011

perfect ten

rindu nye budak ni..
sgt sweet die buat post ni,
anda suma, sila la baca

Saturday, March 26, 2011

blog of the day : 5

hey , jom check out this blogger

i adore her artwork
sgt sweet
sgt seni

u are super talented

kan best kalo die sudi nak draw aku

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politic much ?

hey u guys..

ikut perkembangan politik negara x?
nak x nak , terbaca jugak dkt paper.
nak x nak , terdengar jugak dr berita pukul 8 . .

side mana ? u decide .
masa dkt fb , tetiba terbaca satu status ni . .

setuju ? x setuju ?
anda ada akal yg mampu mempertimbangkan .
sampai bila nak jd ignorant .

masa surf2 u tube . terjumpa satu video ni .
kalo bminat silalah tgk .

Thursday, March 24, 2011

hop bunny hop !

hey , nuffnang nak bg ticket lg . .

mcm best je citer ni ,
aku nak tgk !

soalan dia :
top 5 types of candy I’d like to receive from the Easter Bunny

1. M&M's
[ cuz i've had a dream where my room are filled with M&M's ! ]

[ my fav ]

3. Wonka's everlasting gobstopper

4. Wonka's nerds

5. Hershey's kisses

oke , nak sgt candy
nak sgt menang tiket

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

semakan kelayakan upu

hey , u guys . . budak2 baru lepas dpt result spm . . haha . . dah isi borang upu belum ? untuk yg nak tau kod universiti boleh :99: SINI oke , skang ni , da dapat result , bole la korg check kelayakan korg utk uni & program yg korg nak mintak . . tp , site ni bukan utk lepasan spm je , untuk lepasan stpm & matrikulasi pon boleh check . sila la ye , jgn malu2 . . heh:face30:

STEP 1 : :99: link ni

STEP 2 : :99: 'semak syarat kelayakan'

STEP 3 : isi maklumat dan :99: pd kelayakan akademik anda

STEP 4 : [ untuk SPM, :99: SPM ]
isi subjek dan gred keputusan

STEP 5 :[ untuk STPM, :99: STPM ]
isi subjek dan gred keputusan

STEP 6 :[ untuk matrikulasi, :99: matrikulasi KPTM ]
isi subjek dan gred keputusan

bila dah tau kelayakan untuk program mana , bole la senang sikit nak mohon .:face68:

if this post is helpful, :99: LIKE

blog of the day : 4

i loooooooooooooooooooooooove this blog like gila . .
i support u maria elena zarul
the video rocks !
the fashion sense rocks !
the photos rocks !
u rock !