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Thursday, January 27, 2011

hey babes and dudes! jom vote lagi.

jom amik mase jap utk vote.senang je.....

sila baca betul2.

STEP 1: click the LIKE button on this page ----> http://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins
STEP 2: click the LIKE button on this video ---> http://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins/posts/166198853426579


+ oke, bg mereka yg still x phm mcm mne nk vote, sila ikut tutorial di bawah step by step +

STEP 1 : click link ni http://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins utk gi ke page baskin robbins..

STEP 2 : click link ni http://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins?v=app_4949752878 utk gi ke ruangan entries dia..

STEP 3 : cari nombor "3" dan click pd link yg ditunjukkan anak panah

STEP 4 : pergi ke link ni http://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins/posts/166198853426579 . danclick "LIKE" ditempat yg ditunjukkan dlm bulatan di atas.


haa..senang je kan.. x de lg prob x phm cm ne nak vote.hee.

thanx everyone yg respon. luv ya!

tp kalo saje2 nak like bole jugak . teehee . yg pntg vote ! ngee .

blogshop launch ! ! !

hey hey...
jom check it out!
my new blogshop.
baru launch!

i'm sorry you guys . .


hahaha . mesti korg muak tgk entry contest & giveaway yg aku join kan ?

hak3 .

sori la . .
tperangkap dlm contest frenzy pulak

okay , xpe2 aku stop post contest yg aku join kat blog ni .

but thats not all
[ pinjam suara posessed ]

aku ttp join . . tp pindah kan kat blog laen
special utk aku join contest and promote contest aku sendiri .
teehee .

hei ,
kalo korg suke join contest & giveaway
suke menang hadiah best2

nak inform kat aku contest / giveaway yg korg tau

jenguk blog contest aku . .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

photo jom!

entri sebelas hingga lapan belas

luv uolls.teehee.

10 random facts about me

old people make me want to cry

kids make me smile

i do think being cool is much better than being pretty

sometimes i like to watch random people and wonder what is it like to be in their shoes

i looooooove to eat
-"just like anna nicole smith, when i'm fat, that means i'm happy.." -kimora lee simmons

i usually hate to watch Malay drama

i'm a vintage and antique lover

i hate to bump into people unplanned

i do think there is a huge boundary between being friendly and being nosy

some people think i have a double personality

Monday, January 24, 2011


she is 19 , and currently preggers with her second child . she's due this february.

can you top that?

crash wedding

yes, we crashed a wedding yesterday

Sunday, January 23, 2011

hey babes and dudes! jom vote.

jom amik mase jap utk vote.senang je.....

sila baca betul2.

STEP 1: click the LIKE button on this page ----> http://www.facebook.com/eightdesigns


thanx everyone yg respon. luv ya!

tp kalo saje2 nak like bole jugak . teehee . yg pntg vote ! ngee .

Thursday, January 20, 2011

snap snap

location:Tenang, Johor
for more: [link]

for reference

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis Part 2

My ipad apps 'cool school'

My Ipad apps is called 'Cool School'. Every day, students go to school carrying loads of books. Some of them can be quite thick and heavy. Sometimes, we can see small kids go to school with a backpack that looks like as if it can fit the whole world in it. And imagine a medical student with their books. Yeah, and some of us, has experienced being punished by teachers when we forgot to bring our books. Whether it was intentional or not. Hehe. Been there, done that.

  • [Text book] All the textbooks are like in the Ibook format. Students can download the textbook for the subjects that they take.
  • [Share notes] Students can share notes between teachers, peers, friends etc. by synchronizing their Ipad.
  • [Share past exam questions] they can also share past year exam papers and test for references and more exercises.
  • [Exercise book] Exercise book can also be downloaded like Ibook format.
  • [Submit homework]Teachers can give their students homework, assignment and lab report through this apps by synchronizing their Ipads. Students can submit their homework via synchronization or via email, which this apps can collect all the homework and assignment sent to the teacher into one place making it easy for the teacher to mark their work.
  • [Answer test] Test and examination can also be held by using this apps. During the test, school can control the internet and settings. As soon as the students login to take the exam or test, the students are enabled to access all their educational resources till they complete their test.
  • [Access library book] They can also access the library books, school's bulletin etc. They can also send letters or medical certificate (MC) to the school. The school can also send them any school letters or information.
  • [Reference book] They can also purchase reference books via Ibook and sync it with this apps.
  • [Records lectures] If permitted, they can record lectures, group discussion etc. so that they can always hear back and refer to it later.
  • [Educational resources] Students and teachers can easily access to websites, video, pictures, song, TV show, experiments that can help the learning process.
  • [Mind map & mnemonic system& song generator] Students can sketch their mind maps etc. and edit it and make it more fun. For song generator, students can either record their own song or, pick a song and then enter their notes and it will turn into a song.
  • [Encyclopedia, dictionary, music notes] With this apps, users can access encyclopedia, dictionary and music notes too.
  • [How can students afford it?]Currently, for primary and secondary student there is this program which called 'Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT)'. Maybe, a funding like that can be used to fund kids who can't afford Ipad. Books cost can be hundreds of ringgits per year. A year later, they are not used anymore. While Ipad can be used for a long time. And t can also be used for other functions.
  • [How to access internet?]Every school can provide Wi-Fi.
  • [How to control internet access?]School can control the settings so that any sites with doubtful contents are inaccessible.
  • [Environment friendly] By using fewer books, less paper will be used. Therefore, fewer trees will be cut. Then, we can save our forest! ♥

This apps can be used by any level of education. With this apps, we can always access the books, assignment and all the features that we wanted to. There will be no problem if we suddenly wanted to do a study group. And, whenever we are, wherever we are, doesn't necessarily be at school, we can study, as it is handy. On vacation, while queuing, on the road... name it, we can always study efficiently. As I was a student, and becoming a teacher, I do think this is the best apps ever.

Whenever the users are on the go, and can't reach any Wi-Fi system, users can always use Maxis broadband as Maxis now caters their services for Ipad. For more information, do visit[link]

Pertandingan kecil kecilan....."Carik Sampai Lubang Cacing"...)

visit [link]




saya suka roq's blog sbb, best dpt tgk sketch yg best. And its a guilty pleasure cuz, i secretly jealous the he is talented.teehee.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis Part 1

My Ipad apps is called 'My Doctor'. It is an apps that has features such as;

  • [Stores all your medical records]. Sometimes, when people go from another doctor to another doctor, the new doctors doesn't know your previous health history completely. This may lead to misdiagnose. This apps can store the patient's blood pressure reading, glucose reading, cholesterol reading, ct scan, MRI scan, X-ray, ultrasound, dental records, blood test result, medicine prescription, treatment etc. Every doctor that treats him must write the patient records in the apps.
  • [Simulation video/diagram]. Doctors can find simulation video and sync it to patient's Ipad to help him explain to his patients about procedures, health management, disease management, medical options etc.
  • [Weight loss program].This apps also enable users to record weight loss program. It can also count calorie burnt during exercise and count calorie based on what you eat. This apps also have various video exercises. There are also nutritional facts and recipes for healthy meal.
  • [Appointment & medicine reminder]. This apps can remind the users when to take his medicine and when is his next appointment with his doctor.
  • [Do's & don’ts]With this apps, patients can see what are the do's & don’ts with the disease that he suffers. For example, a person who suffers from gout can’t eat spinach, nuts, tomatoes, cauliflower etc. When patients know what to avoid, this will help patients to prevent pain and control it.
  • [How to key-in information?] Only a licensed doctor can have their own password. To write the report on the apps. The doctor then has to key-in his password to verify the report.
  • [Reference letter] Reference letters are usually confidential. So, the doctor who writes the letter can set the letter as private, and only a doctor with the correct password can open the letter.
  • [Easy access to consult the doctors] This apps will have the direct link to the hospitals website, doctor’s email, etc. Patients can also see his medical bills through this apps.
  • [Directory to the nearest medical center] This apps help users to get to the nearest medical center using GPS system.
  • [Emergency response] Users can see the emergency response or first aid that they can do, before going to the doctors. Only for immediate response. For example, put pressure on bleeding wound to prevent blood loss,emergency birth delivery, give a bath to child who has high fever to prevent epilepsy etc. This feature can also help especially when people are stuck in a disaster such as hurricane, blackouts etc.
  • [Health campaign] Any health campaign can also be featured here. For instance, 'no smoking' campaign, 'beware of epidemic symptom' campaign etc.
Whenever the users are on the go, and can't reach any Wi-Fi system, users can always use Maxis broadband as Maxis now caters their services for Ipad. For more information, do visit[link]

Thursday, January 13, 2011

eh, eh, ehem.

hey there, what's up?

ciri-ciri calon suami??

oke, pinjam title dr miss mazya kite.. credit to her. dis post is inspired by hers. CLICK HERE to find out more.oke, when i read her post, i was taken back to the memory lane and remembered. gosh! dulu masa sekolah and tgh bosan2 kitorg [my classmate & my gang] pernah buat bende nih. owh, gile memalukan.. so naive. pass kertas time cikgu chem tgh mengajar kat dpn.pergh. patut la chem aku x berkat.hak3. x menahan. choosy gile masing2. mintak x beringat.haha.bajet diri superb & hot sgt.hahaha. klaka2. oke, aku bole kutuk sbb aku terlibat sama. ha! ni la antara kertas yg aku tjumpa masa tgh kemas2 rak. omg. bile baca blk, tgolek2 aku. okey, cut us some slack, we don't know better at that time. anyway, kalo korg nak bace silakan.haha.tp nama2 atau ape2 yg mungkin bole reveal identity penulis2 da di remove.hak3. tu sume nye rahsie..

sila click pd gambar utk tumbesaran yg sihat.

parcel arrived

hee. thank you aly&kate. the stuffs are darling.. luv it. ♥

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

funny day

the internet became siput lately.

last saturday, akak klinik ade yg kena chickenpox. then, all of the sudden i had to work the second shift. which is ptg & mlm. ahaa.. there are a few things that happen that day. haha. funny things.

1st, ade sorg pakcik ni. kat kad giliran die tulis "tukiman". and then, when i called out his name, i went like.." encik tukiman.....". then, while i was holding the door, abah said, "hey, panggil tok imam la..". and i was like monologuing, 'OMG! did i just mispronounced that old man's name? did i disrespect him somehow?'... and then, the old man came into the room. then, dpt tau la that pakcik is not a tok imam or something. org Jawa rupenye. hak3. then abah said, "okey, kenape hr ni? nak check darah ke?" then abah look up at pakcik's medical record and said, "alamak, mcm mne ni? nak check darah tp dah putus?".. and i was like 'whaaat? vein pakcik tu da putus ke?' again monologuing.and it turns out, bkn vein pakcik tu da putus.tp follow up yg lepas da lama terputus. pheww. just about to wonder whether it is possible for someone who snapped his vein might be able to walk around normally.haha. and when that pakcik left, i checked his medical records. it says his name is TOKIMAN. not Tukiman or Tok imam.lol.

2nd, my batchmate from my primary school came to see my father. OMG.honestly, i'm not a big fan of bumping into people unplanned.a girl or a guy, all the same. i hate the suprise.sorry meyh. just dont like it.sometimes when it happens, i was like automatically make this 'buat bodo' face.. and when they do talk to me, sometimes i automatically made the conversation awkward. even if i didn't mean to. i apologize for those who experience so. ok, back to the story. there's this one time.when i open the door to call the next patient, he was sitting rite in front of the door.sey lorh. haa. but its okay, he seems like he doesn't notice me.thank god. any way, while i was preparing his meds, it was for acne problem. ooops! patient confidentiality!.ahaha.relax. i'm not gonna write his name in this post..

the piece of paper

3rd, there's this dad, who brought his son. that boy had a fever. the funny part was, when he wants to register his son's name, he couldn't recall the right spelling. and he brought this piece of paper. looks like it was scrapped of an exercise book or something.haha. reminded me of my dad. when he wants to call one of my siblings, he went calling all of our name.the fact is, he only wants to call one of us. it went like, "mimi, syiefa, syuhada...!". and how to know which one he tried to call actually? by listening to the last name called.hahaha.

the record card room

funny, funny day. oh yeah, abah, if you are reading this post, please stop mocking my blog post.

haiyo. parents, they stalk you sometimes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

kes gigil lutut

td g muar, service keta crv.then, photowalk skjap kat tanjung and area muar. ngan parents je. then, on the way back, aku da nak tetido da. tetibe abah pull over. die tanye "nak bwk x?". erk. pergh. gelabah2 ayam aku.first time bwk kete gabak.first time jugak bawak kete lepas test hari tu. maka bwk la dr pt.jamil sampai ke bp. haha.beza gila ngan kancil. crv tu, aku pusing stereng sket je da makan da.tersimpang siur aku dibuatnye. haiyo. naseb baek big boss kat tepi.

oke.muet aku band 4.alhamdulillah.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

sometimes i wonder

Ya Rabb,
hear me out

are some of those that are eating me alive

sometimes i wonder
i loved and cared for some people with all my life
but why dont they love me?

sometimes i wonder
why cant i make it right ?
why do i keep disappointing the people who cared for me the most ?
even when its unintentional

sometimes i wonder
why do people do bad things to me ?
are they going to be punish later on ?
or is this my punishment?

sometimes i wonder
am i the only human that go through a dark phase in life ?
why is it, during this phase
suddenly people became curious about me ?
and when they ask,
it always end up sounded like a sarcasm ?

sometimes i wonder
there are some people that i respect
but they cant seem to respect me
i was not taken seriously
they treated me like a joke
they make me feel so insignificant
am i that meaningless ?
am i that unwanted ?

sometimes i wonder
i do believe that we must not hurt each other
do people think i dont own feelings ?
do people think i am cold hearted to begin with ?

sometimes i became
so vulnerable
so lonely
so empty
so lost
because the world is so brutal
and it can came to a level of beyond my ability to bare
and its killing me bit by bit

yes, sometimes
i do sound and appear like suicidal
is it true?
i dont know
i do know that,
my hearts always whisper that,
"..dear Lord,
i'm just a servant
i'm Your servant
as life goes on,
there are more obstacles to come
and to overcome it
i have to always depend on You
as you know me even to every single heartbeat
even when no one else gets me
and even when,
when no one else listen or give a damn.."

and that is the line that became a barrier
for me from doing things
that i might regret



dont tell me that
i never said anything

it is YOU
who NEVER listen