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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

parody . just about time

u know that everyone have a friend who make a parody video of sumthin rite ?
if they havent have one ,
sooner or later
they will .
not likes it a bad thing .

and its about time for someone from my acquaintance
did just that

he made this video
him lip-syncing to
alhamdulillah - by too phat & yassin
its for his assignment by the way

he posted it on facebook
since i cant find any embed code ,
i ' ll just give u guys the url link to his video .
but , i'm not sure whether non-friend dgn die bole tgk tak . .
korang try je la .

my first thought :
ohemgee ! is that really him ?

nak tau kenapa ?
x sangka la dia yang buat vid mcm parody gini .
dia classmate aku since form 2 sampai form 5
x de la kenal sgt2 pon
top scorer physic
prs tegar
serious almost all the time .
pengawas yg tegas
huih ! garang . takut kitorg .
and rase nye die mcm x suka pon geng kitorg yg bising and havoc cam gila & suka buat kacau .
heh . tu la luaran yg nmpk la .
i ' m not judging him by the way .
dont manipulate my words .

oke, bro imran [if u happen to read this]
atau sape2 yg baca post nih .
jgn salah phm plak aku buat post nih .
just making a point about parody video.

again .
i'm not saying as if its a bad thing .
the true fact is
making this sort of video is not easy
and it takes a lot of guts for someone to publish it .

as i have too
experimented making a parody video
but i havent have the guts yet
to publish it .

kudos to you bro .

Imran Omar

p / s : nice pro pic by the way.

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