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Monday, January 17, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis Part 2

My ipad apps 'cool school'

My Ipad apps is called 'Cool School'. Every day, students go to school carrying loads of books. Some of them can be quite thick and heavy. Sometimes, we can see small kids go to school with a backpack that looks like as if it can fit the whole world in it. And imagine a medical student with their books. Yeah, and some of us, has experienced being punished by teachers when we forgot to bring our books. Whether it was intentional or not. Hehe. Been there, done that.

  • [Text book] All the textbooks are like in the Ibook format. Students can download the textbook for the subjects that they take.
  • [Share notes] Students can share notes between teachers, peers, friends etc. by synchronizing their Ipad.
  • [Share past exam questions] they can also share past year exam papers and test for references and more exercises.
  • [Exercise book] Exercise book can also be downloaded like Ibook format.
  • [Submit homework]Teachers can give their students homework, assignment and lab report through this apps by synchronizing their Ipads. Students can submit their homework via synchronization or via email, which this apps can collect all the homework and assignment sent to the teacher into one place making it easy for the teacher to mark their work.
  • [Answer test] Test and examination can also be held by using this apps. During the test, school can control the internet and settings. As soon as the students login to take the exam or test, the students are enabled to access all their educational resources till they complete their test.
  • [Access library book] They can also access the library books, school's bulletin etc. They can also send letters or medical certificate (MC) to the school. The school can also send them any school letters or information.
  • [Reference book] They can also purchase reference books via Ibook and sync it with this apps.
  • [Records lectures] If permitted, they can record lectures, group discussion etc. so that they can always hear back and refer to it later.
  • [Educational resources] Students and teachers can easily access to websites, video, pictures, song, TV show, experiments that can help the learning process.
  • [Mind map & mnemonic system& song generator] Students can sketch their mind maps etc. and edit it and make it more fun. For song generator, students can either record their own song or, pick a song and then enter their notes and it will turn into a song.
  • [Encyclopedia, dictionary, music notes] With this apps, users can access encyclopedia, dictionary and music notes too.
  • [How can students afford it?]Currently, for primary and secondary student there is this program which called 'Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT)'. Maybe, a funding like that can be used to fund kids who can't afford Ipad. Books cost can be hundreds of ringgits per year. A year later, they are not used anymore. While Ipad can be used for a long time. And t can also be used for other functions.
  • [How to access internet?]Every school can provide Wi-Fi.
  • [How to control internet access?]School can control the settings so that any sites with doubtful contents are inaccessible.
  • [Environment friendly] By using fewer books, less paper will be used. Therefore, fewer trees will be cut. Then, we can save our forest! ♥

This apps can be used by any level of education. With this apps, we can always access the books, assignment and all the features that we wanted to. There will be no problem if we suddenly wanted to do a study group. And, whenever we are, wherever we are, doesn't necessarily be at school, we can study, as it is handy. On vacation, while queuing, on the road... name it, we can always study efficiently. As I was a student, and becoming a teacher, I do think this is the best apps ever.

Whenever the users are on the go, and can't reach any Wi-Fi system, users can always use Maxis broadband as Maxis now caters their services for Ipad. For more information, do visit[link]

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