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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

funny day

the internet became siput lately.

last saturday, akak klinik ade yg kena chickenpox. then, all of the sudden i had to work the second shift. which is ptg & mlm. ahaa.. there are a few things that happen that day. haha. funny things.

1st, ade sorg pakcik ni. kat kad giliran die tulis "tukiman". and then, when i called out his name, i went like.." encik tukiman.....". then, while i was holding the door, abah said, "hey, panggil tok imam la..". and i was like monologuing, 'OMG! did i just mispronounced that old man's name? did i disrespect him somehow?'... and then, the old man came into the room. then, dpt tau la that pakcik is not a tok imam or something. org Jawa rupenye. hak3. then abah said, "okey, kenape hr ni? nak check darah ke?" then abah look up at pakcik's medical record and said, "alamak, mcm mne ni? nak check darah tp dah putus?".. and i was like 'whaaat? vein pakcik tu da putus ke?' again monologuing.and it turns out, bkn vein pakcik tu da putus.tp follow up yg lepas da lama terputus. pheww. just about to wonder whether it is possible for someone who snapped his vein might be able to walk around normally.haha. and when that pakcik left, i checked his medical records. it says his name is TOKIMAN. not Tukiman or Tok imam.lol.

2nd, my batchmate from my primary school came to see my father. OMG.honestly, i'm not a big fan of bumping into people unplanned.a girl or a guy, all the same. i hate the suprise.sorry meyh. just dont like it.sometimes when it happens, i was like automatically make this 'buat bodo' face.. and when they do talk to me, sometimes i automatically made the conversation awkward. even if i didn't mean to. i apologize for those who experience so. ok, back to the story. there's this one time.when i open the door to call the next patient, he was sitting rite in front of the door.sey lorh. haa. but its okay, he seems like he doesn't notice me.thank god. any way, while i was preparing his meds, it was for acne problem. ooops! patient confidentiality!.ahaha.relax. i'm not gonna write his name in this post..

the piece of paper

3rd, there's this dad, who brought his son. that boy had a fever. the funny part was, when he wants to register his son's name, he couldn't recall the right spelling. and he brought this piece of paper. looks like it was scrapped of an exercise book or something.haha. reminded me of my dad. when he wants to call one of my siblings, he went calling all of our name.the fact is, he only wants to call one of us. it went like, "mimi, syiefa, syuhada...!". and how to know which one he tried to call actually? by listening to the last name called.hahaha.

the record card room

funny, funny day. oh yeah, abah, if you are reading this post, please stop mocking my blog post.

haiyo. parents, they stalk you sometimes.

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