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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis Part 1

My Ipad apps is called 'My Doctor'. It is an apps that has features such as;

  • [Stores all your medical records]. Sometimes, when people go from another doctor to another doctor, the new doctors doesn't know your previous health history completely. This may lead to misdiagnose. This apps can store the patient's blood pressure reading, glucose reading, cholesterol reading, ct scan, MRI scan, X-ray, ultrasound, dental records, blood test result, medicine prescription, treatment etc. Every doctor that treats him must write the patient records in the apps.
  • [Simulation video/diagram]. Doctors can find simulation video and sync it to patient's Ipad to help him explain to his patients about procedures, health management, disease management, medical options etc.
  • [Weight loss program].This apps also enable users to record weight loss program. It can also count calorie burnt during exercise and count calorie based on what you eat. This apps also have various video exercises. There are also nutritional facts and recipes for healthy meal.
  • [Appointment & medicine reminder]. This apps can remind the users when to take his medicine and when is his next appointment with his doctor.
  • [Do's & don’ts]With this apps, patients can see what are the do's & don’ts with the disease that he suffers. For example, a person who suffers from gout can’t eat spinach, nuts, tomatoes, cauliflower etc. When patients know what to avoid, this will help patients to prevent pain and control it.
  • [How to key-in information?] Only a licensed doctor can have their own password. To write the report on the apps. The doctor then has to key-in his password to verify the report.
  • [Reference letter] Reference letters are usually confidential. So, the doctor who writes the letter can set the letter as private, and only a doctor with the correct password can open the letter.
  • [Easy access to consult the doctors] This apps will have the direct link to the hospitals website, doctor’s email, etc. Patients can also see his medical bills through this apps.
  • [Directory to the nearest medical center] This apps help users to get to the nearest medical center using GPS system.
  • [Emergency response] Users can see the emergency response or first aid that they can do, before going to the doctors. Only for immediate response. For example, put pressure on bleeding wound to prevent blood loss,emergency birth delivery, give a bath to child who has high fever to prevent epilepsy etc. This feature can also help especially when people are stuck in a disaster such as hurricane, blackouts etc.
  • [Health campaign] Any health campaign can also be featured here. For instance, 'no smoking' campaign, 'beware of epidemic symptom' campaign etc.
Whenever the users are on the go, and can't reach any Wi-Fi system, users can always use Maxis broadband as Maxis now caters their services for Ipad. For more information, do visit[link]

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